Rui Policarpo Duarte

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Frequently, the high-level algorithm parameter selection and its mapping into hardware are considered to be independent processes, often leading to suboptimal solutions. When DSP applications with real-time constraints are targeted , it is often desirable the resulting hardware system to be clocked at as high frequency as possible. Even though the trend in(More)
In this work, we propose an architecture and methodology to design hardware/software systems for high-performance embedded computing on FPGA. The hardware side is based on a many-core architecture whose design is generated automatically given a set of architectural parameters. Both the architecture and the methodology were evaluated running dense matrix(More)
Karhunen-Loeve Transformation is a widely used algorithm in signal processing that often implemented with high-throughput requisites. This work presents a novel methodology to optimise KLT designs on FPGAs that outperform typical design methodologies, through a prior characterisation of the arithmetic units in the datapath of the circuit under various(More)
The continuous scaling of the fabrication process combined with the ever increasing need of high performance designs, means that the era of treating all devices the same is about to come to an end. The presented work considers device oriented optimisations in order to further boost the performance of a Linear Projection design by focusing on the(More)