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Oxylipins are oxidised fatty acids that can exert lipid mediator functions in inflammation, and several oxylipins derived from arachidonic acid are linked to asthma. This study quantified oxylipin profiles in different regions of the lung to obtain a broad-scale characterisation of the allergic asthmatic inflammation in relation to healthy individuals.(More)
A series of 53 Portuguese patients (derived from 43 families) born in the period 1963-1999 have been diagnosed with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) based on clinicopathological findings. Plotting the cumulative number of new cases per year against the year of birth resulted in a slightly S-shaped curve, with a nearly straight central segment over a(More)
Sensors always played a significant role on the industrial domain, since monitoring the current machine's process state is notoriously an advantage for shop-floor analysis, and consequently, to rapidly take action according to the production system demands [3, 6, 7, 8]. The I-RAMP<sup>3</sup> European Project explores exactly these demands, and proposes new(More)
Untargeted metabolic profiling of body fluids in experimental animals and humans exposed to chemicals may reveal early signs of toxicity and indicate toxicity pathways. Avian embryos develop separately from their mothers, which gives unique possibilities to study effects of chemicals during embryo development with minimal confounding factors from the(More)
Aplasia cutis congenita is a disease in which skin, bone, and dura mater can be absent. In majority of the cases it affects the scalp. We report a baby girl born at term with a large scalp and skull defect measuring 9 × 10 cm. Conservative treatment led to complete epithelization.
Paragangliomas are rare tumours with a prevalence of 1/10000 to 1/30000. Tumors arising from the paraganglia are characteristically of low malignant potential. Vertebral metastases are exceedingly rare, and only isolated case reports have described them. The authors present the clinical course of a 47 years-old female patient with a familial paraganglioma(More)
Nowadays, in order to maintain their competitiveness, manufacturing companies must adapt their production methods quickly, with minimum expenditure, to frequent variations on demand. With the shortage of the product life time, flexibility, efficiency and reusability of industrial processes are important factors, which may determine the survival of the(More)
Gorham's disease, also known as idiopathic massive osteolysis, is a rare pathological condition characterized by vascular proliferation that results in destruction and reabsorption of the bone matrix, of unknown etiology. It was first described by Jackson in 1838, but it was Gorham and Stout, in 1955, who defined this disease as a specific entity. It has(More)