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Currently, seismic design of new European buildings follows a force-based approach, whilst the assessment of existing buildings is moving towards a displacement-based philosophy. In forcebased design, conservative estimates of the period of vibration should be produced such that the base shear force will be conservatively predicted from an acceleration(More)
This paper presents the case for the significant elongation of the period of vibration of reinforced concrete (RC) buildings during strong ground shaking due to earthquakes. This viewpoint is substantiated by the results of experimental tests on RC structures and the strong ground-motion measurements obtained from damaged RC buildings during earthquakes,(More)
A current challenge for the fabrication of functional oxide-based devices is related with the need of environmental and sustainable materials and processes. By considering both lead-free ferroelectrics of potassium sodium niobate (K0.5Na0.5NbO3, KNN) and aqueous-based electrophoretic deposition here we demonstrate that an eco-friendly aqueous solution-based(More)
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