Rui-Ning Wang

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Density functional calculations have been performed to analyze the electronic and mechanical properties of a number of 2D boroxine-linked covalent organic frameworks (COFs), which are experimentally fabricated from di-borate aromatic molecules. Furthermore, the band structures are surprising and show flat-band characteristics which are mainly attributed to(More)
This study is built on density functional calculations in combination with the non-equilibrium Green's function, and we probe the thermoelectric transport mechanisms through C60 molecules anchored to Al nano-electrodes in three different ways, such as, the planar, pyramidal, and asymmetric surfaces. When the electrode is switched from the planar and(More)
A gate electrode is usually used to controllably tune the carrier concentrations, further modulating the electrical conductivity and the Seebeck coefficient to obtain the optimum thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) in two-dimensional materials. On the other hand, it is necessary to investigate how an electric field induced by a gate voltage affects the(More)
The electronic properties of bilayer strained boronitrenes are investigated under an external electric field using density functional methods. Our result is just the same as the previous conclusion: ie, that the electric field will reduce their band gaps. Except for the decrease of their band gaps, the degeneracy of π valence bands at K points will be(More)
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