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Research indicates that using a cell phone to talk or text while maneuvering a vehicle impairs driving performance. However, few published studies directly compare the distracting effects of texting using a hands-free (i.e., speech-based interface) versus handheld cell phone, which is an important issue for legislation, automotive interface design and(More)
Integrating visual information spatially and temporally is important in motion perception and in many daily activities, such as steering in a driving task. Our recent research showed that reduced optic flow quality and quantity impaired steering performance under reduced visibility conditions. However, it is not clear how spatial and temporal integration of(More)
In this paper, we proposed an analysis method on service capacity of CDMA system supporting data services. Cell spectrum efficiency and access available space the two concepts are used to constructed a new network performance evaluation system. An application layer service model and its corresponding cross-layer mapping method are also proposed. Based on(More)
With forward to TCP/IP-based information network development, a large number of innovative communication services quickly emerged. In these data-based communications services, they require different communication rate and variable quality of service. And, the TCP/IP-based network's best-effort feature and statistical multiplexing strategy further makes the(More)