Rui Neto Marinheiro

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Fredo is a generic domain-independent broker that creates value-added information taking into account the preferences specified by its clients. Fredo uses ontology services and yellow pages services to discover a set of agents that can provide information relevant to its clients' requests. Fredo uses an intelligent heuristic strategy based on a fuzzy(More)
A present challenge in wireless networks is to provide mobility, regardless of the access technology in use, with guaranteed continuity of the service and transparency for the users. One approach to these seamless handovers is to prepare network access in advance, such as pre-authentication, before the mobile device actually physically connects to the(More)
Cooperative strategies have the great potential of improving network performance and spectrum utilization in future networking environments. This new paradigm in terms of network management, however, requires a novel design and analysis framework targeting a highly flexible networking solution with a distributed architecture. Game Theory is very suitable(More)
The integration of hypermedia with information retrieval is usually used to overcome user disorientation problems. However previous approaches have generally considered only text retrieval [7] and if real content based multimedia information retrieval capabilities are used [12], effectiveness and efficiency are very low, when compared with text retrieval.(More)
— Recently, mobile networks have been overloaded with a considerable amount of data traffic. The current paper proposes a management service for mobile environments, using policies and quality metrics, which ensure a better usage of network resources with a more fine-grained management based on flows with different classes of service and transmission rates.(More)
A low-cost collaboration architecture for web content distribution, that aims to improve all stakeholder's interests, is presented. A peer-to-peer (P2P) contribution among the end users layer is suggested, in order to increase download rates and reduce server traffic and resource usage. In addition, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) concerns are also(More)