Rui-Na Huo

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The binding characteristics of the interaction between 3-(2-cyanoethyl) cytosine (CECT) and human serum albumin (HSA) were investigated using fluorescence, UV absorption spectroscopic and molecular modeling techniques under simulative physiological conditions. The intrinsic fluorescence intensity of HSA was decreased with the addition of CECT. The(More)
4′-O-(α-L-Oleandrosyl)daunorubicin (ODNR) is a disaccharide analogue of daunorubicin with potent antitumor activity against leukemia cell line K562 cells and colon cancer cell line SW620 cells. In this paper, the binding interaction of ODNR with human serum albumin (HSA) was investigated under simulative physiological conditions by fluorescence spectroscopy(More)
Multivariate curve resolution (MCR) has been applied to separate pure spectra and pure decay profiles of DOSY NMR data. Given good initial guesses of the pure decay profiles, and combined with the nonlinear least square regression (NLR), MCR can result in good separation of the pure components. Nevertheless, due to the presence of artefacts in experimental(More)
The quality of DOSY NMR data can be improved by careful pre-processing techniques. Baseline drift, peak shift, and phase shift commonly exist in real-world DOSY NMR data. These phenomena seriously hinder the data analysis and should be removed as much as possible. In this paper, a series of preprocessing operations are proposed so that the subsequent(More)
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