Rui-Ming Lin

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The basic leucine zipper (bZIP) proteins belong to a large family of transcriptional factors, some of which are thought to be involved in plant responses to biotic and abiotic stimuli. In this work, we cloned a novel bZIP gene from rice, designatedOsbZIP1, which is inducible in response to infection withMagnaporthe grisea. Sequence analysis showed that the(More)
Vilmorin23 is an internationally used differential host variety for studies on the interactions between wheat stripe rust and wheat. It contains the stripe rust resistance gene YrV23 and is potentially an important source of stripe rust resistance worldwide. SSR analysis was performed on the wheat NIL Taichuang 29*6/YrV23 carrying the resistant gene YrV23(More)
SSR analysis was performed using a wheat near-isogenic line (NIL) Taichuang29 * 6/ Lovrin13, which carried the resistance gene Yr9 against wheat stripe rust and its recurrent parent Taichung29 as materials. After screening with 32 SSR primers on 1B chromosome, reproducible polymorphic DNA fragment amplified by Xgwm582 was identified. Genetic linkage was(More)
A novel blast-inducible RING-H2 type zinc finger protein gene OsRING-1 was cloned from rice by cDNA library screening. OsRING-1 is 1670 bp in length and encodes a 46.6 kDa basic protein with two transmembrane (TM) domains, a basic domain (BD), a conserved domain (CD), a RING finger domain and a serine rich (S-rich) domain. By database search, OsRING-1 was(More)
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