Rui Marinheiro

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The high dose rate brachytherapy uses a single source os 192Ir with 10Ci of nominal activity in a remote afterloading machine. This technique allows an outpatient treatment, without the inconveniences of the conventional low dose rate brachytherapy such as use of general anesthesia, rhachianesthesia, prolonged immobilization, and personal exposition to(More)
In this article we presented an overview of UASs for civil applications focusing on the communication component. We identified several available communication technologies for UAVs, their constraints, and also protocols available for implementing the remote operation of the vehicles. As an attractive solution for the A2G communication link for UAVs, we(More)
This paper proposes an objective model to predict the quality of lost frames in 3D video streams. The model is based only on header information from three different packet-layer levels: Network Abstraction Layer (NAL), Packetised Elementary Streams (PES) and Transport Stream (TS). Transmission errors leading to undecodable TS packets are assumed to result(More)
A no-reference (NR) method based on an artificial neural network (ANN) approach is proposed in this paper to estimate the objective quality of video-plus-depth streams subject to packet loss in depth data. A novel aspect of this method is the use of information only taken from packet headers, up to the network abstraction layer (NAL), requiring a very low(More)
With the evolution of 3D technology, 3D IPTV services may prove to be a common service widely distributed by operators. So it is important that they have the necessary means to easily and inexpensively monitor the Quality of Experience (QoE) of this new service. Deployment of 3D video QoE monitors anywhere in the network will enable operators to adapt their(More)
In hypermedia systems, links are used to connect related information in different types of media, for example: text, images, sound, etc. In this way, authors and users have means of accessing the information in a non-sequential manner, in the way they prefer, by following links that may be visualised as highlighted text or by other means. However, when(More)
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