Rui M. Rocha

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Opportunistic wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have recently been proposed as solutions for many remote monitoring problems. Many such problems, including environmental monitoring, involve large deployment scenarios with lower-than-average node density, as well as a long time scale and limited budgets. Traditional approaches designed for conventional(More)
— A flexible Wireless Sensor Network platform for easier implementation of diverse applications has been developed and deployed at one of the Instituto Superior Técnico-Technical University of Lisbon (IST-TUL) campus. Since its initial deployment in 2007, this test-bed has grown steadily, supporting new nodes, applications and experiments. However, some(More)
The advances on wireless mesh networks are shifting the communications paradigm, where users can benefit from their cooperation to exchange information and make use of the spectrum space, forming wireless neighbourhood communities where resources are shared and services are distributed. This paper presents a modular cross-layer community management(More)
i This dissertation is dedicated to my Father, Luís Filipe Pedrosa, for his constant support throughout my life. ii Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would like to thank my supervisor, Professor Rui Rocha, for introducing me to the world of wireless sensor networks. Working with him has been a great honor and it is needless to say that, without his(More)