Rui-Lin Chen

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Pipelined computation of very large word-length logarithmic number system (LNS) addition/subtraction requires a lot of hardware and long pipeline latency. This paper proposes a base-e exponential algorithm to simplify the exponential computation and to replace half of the pipeline stages by multiplication-and-accumulate operations. By using this approach,(More)
A class of adhesion protein that occurs in the membrane with both extracellular and intracellular domain and play vital role in maintaining multicellularity is TRASK, also called CUB-domain containing protein1, CD318 (CDCP1). Specifically, in the current study, documented aggressive grades of lung cancers and distant metastatic tissues were examined for(More)
A hardware algorithm is proposed for improving the speed of the linear digit-recurrence logarithmic algorithm. The convergence rate of this logarithmic algorithm is exponential. Furthermore, the size of the lookup tables used in the algorithm is smaller than the size of the lookup tables used in the digit-recurrence algorithms. When the word length of the(More)
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