Rui Joao Peixoto Jose

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Today's public displays effectively disappear: people have become so accustomed to their low utility that they ignore them. In contrast to Mark Weiser's influential vision of the " Computer for the 21st Century, " however, public displays of the 21st century should not disappear. Instead they should become the backbone of a new global communications medium.(More)
Streptococcus pneumoniae is a common cause of pneumonia and infective exacerbations of chronic lung disease, yet there are few data on how adaptive immunity can specifically prevent S. pneumoniae lung infection. We have used a murine model of nasopharyngeal colonization by the serotype 19F S. pneumoniae strain EF3030 followed by lung infection to(More)
— In public display systems determine what to present and when is a central feature. Although several adaptive scheduling alternatives have been explored, which introduce sensibility of the display to some type of external variable, they are still very dependent on the user in their behavior, content specific in their nature and very rigid in their(More)
Open Display Networks have the potential to allow many content creators to publish their media to an open-ended set of screen displays. However, this raises the issue of how to match that content to the right displays. In this study, we aim to understand how the perceived utility of particular media sharing scenarios is affected by three independent(More)
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