Rui-Jin Yu

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The title mol-ecule, C(9)H(8)BrNO, approximates a full planar conformation. The inter-planar angle between the benzene and five-membered rings of the indoline system is 1.38 (1)°. There is an obvious π-delocalization involving the N-C=O group in the five-membered ring, which is greater than that involving the N-C C(benzene) group.
A pair of linear cyanamide (NCNH(2)) ligands, two monodentate 4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)phenol (L) ligands and two nitrate anions link the Cu(II) atom into a mononuclear unit, [Cu(NO(3))(2)(C(9)H(8)N(2)O)(2)(NCNH(2))(2)]. The coordination polyhedron of the Cu atom is an elongated octa-hedron distorted by Jahn-Teller effects. Inter-molecular O-H⋯O, O-H⋯N, N-H⋯O(More)
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