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BACKGROUND Studies of fruit and vegetable consumption in relation to overall health are limited. We evaluated the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and the incidence of cardiovascular disease and cancer and of deaths from other causes in two prospective cohorts. METHODS A total of 71 910 female participants in the Nurses' Health study and(More)
Deciphering the genetic basis of human diseases is an important goal of biomedical research. On the basis of the assumption that phenotypically similar diseases are caused by functionally related genes, we propose a computational framework that integrates human protein-protein interactions, disease phenotype similarities, and known gene-phenotype(More)
Gene expression data from microarrays are being applied to predict preclinical and clinical endpoints, but the reliability of these predictions has not been established. In the MAQC-II project, 36 independent teams analyzed six microarray data sets to generate predictive models for classifying a sample with respect to one of 13 endpoints indicative of lung(More)
MOTIVATION With the advancements of next-generation sequencing technology, it is now possible to study samples directly obtained from the environment. Particularly, 16S rRNA gene sequences have been frequently used to profile the diversity of organisms in a sample. However, such studies are still taxed to determine both the number of operational taxonomic(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Ischemic postconditioning (Postcond) is defined as a series of intermittent interruptions of blood flow in the early phase of reperfusion that mechanically alters the hydrodynamics of reperfusion. A recent study showed that Postcond reduced infarct size in cerebral ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury. However, little is known about the(More)
CONTEXT Type 2 diabetes is a common manifestation of hemochromatosis, a disease of iron overload. However, it is not clear whether higher iron stores predict the development of type 2 diabetes in a healthy population. OBJECTIVE To examine plasma ferritin concentration and the ratio of the concentrations of transferrin receptors to ferritin in relation to(More)
The detection of epistatic interactive effects of multiple genetic variants on the susceptibility of human complex diseases is a great challenge in genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Although methods have been proposed to identify such interactions, the lack of an explicit definition of epistatic effects, together with computational difficulties, makes(More)
Ischemic post-conditioning (Post-cond) is a phenomenon in which intermittent interruptions of blood flow in the early phase of reperfusion can protect organ from ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury. Recent studies demonstrated ischemic Post-cond reduced infarct size in cerebral I/R injury. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this phenomenon are not(More)
The IEEE 802.11x MAC protocol, the de facto standard for wireless LANs, includes a distributed coordination function (DCF) mode usable for ad hoc network architectures. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is commonly used on top of this MAC for reliable transport. TCPs congestion control scheme assumes highly reliable frame transmission at the link(More)
Traffic is essential for many dynamic processes on networks. The efficient routing strategy [G. Yan, T. Zhou, B. Hu, Z. Q. Fu, and B. H. Wang, Phys. Rev. E 73, 046108 (2006)] can reach a very high capacity of more than ten times of that with shortest path strategy. In this paper, we propose a global dynamic routing strategy for network systems based on the(More)