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—Distributed arithmetic (DA) is performed to design bit-level architectures for vector-vector multiplication with a direct application for the implementation of convolution, which is necessary for digital filters. In this work, two novel DA based implementation schemes are proposed for adaptive FIR filters. Different from conventional DA techniques, our(More)
Current simulation technologies support at most hundreds of thousands of nodes, and fall short on the emerging large-scale networking systems that usually involve millions of nodes. We meet this challenge with our distributed simulation engine that is able to run millions of instances and is tested with a production P2P protocol, using commodity PC(More)
Faced with a proliferation of distributed systems in research and production groups, we have devised the WiDS ecosystem of technologies to optimize the development and testing process for such systems. WiDS optimizes the process of developing an algorithm, testing its correctness in a debuggable environment, and testing its behavior at large scales in a(More)
Image and video labeling is important for computers to understand images and videos and for image and video search. Manual labeling is tedious and costly. Automatically image and video labeling is yet a dream. In this paper, we adopt a Web 2.0 approach to labeling images and videos efficiently: Internet users around the world are mobilized to apply their(More)
The quest for a solid state universal memory with high-storage density, high read/write speed, random access and non-volatility has triggered intense research into new materials and novel device architectures. Though the non-volatile memory market is dominated by flash memory now, it has very low operation speed with ~10 μs programming and ~10 ms erasing(More)
MiRNAs play important roles in diverse biological processes including tumorigenesis. However, little is known about the function and mechanism of miR-451 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). Quantitative RT-PCR was used to quantify miR-451 expression in NPC cell lines and clinical tissues. Kaplan-Meier curves were used to estimate the association between(More)
Alcohol abuse is a serious medical and social problem. Although light to moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial to cardiovascular health, heavy drinking often results in organ damage and social problems. In addition, genetic susceptibility to the effect of alcohol on cancer and coronary heart disease differs across the population. A number of mechanisms(More)