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OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between specific thyroid abnormalities (subclinical hypothyroidism, hypothyroxinaemia or elevated thyroid peroxidase antibody titres) in women during pregnancy and the subsequent neuropsychological development of their offspring. DESIGN/PATIENTS Serum was collected from 1268 women at 16-20 weeks of gestation and(More)
Human age provides key demographic information. It is also considered as an important soft biometric trait for human identification or search. Compared to other pattern recognition problems (e.g., object classification, scene categorization), age estimation is much more challenging since the difference between facial images with age variations can be more(More)
Facial expression recognition (FER) is an active research topic in computer vision. However, there is no study yet to discover whether FER is affected by human aging, from a computational perspective. We perform a computational study of FER within and across age groups and compare the FER accuracies. Two databases from the psychology society are introduced(More)
Faced with a proliferation of distributed systems in research and production groups, we have devised the WiDS ecosystem of technologies to optimize the development and testing process for such systems. WiDS optimizes the process of developing an algorithm, testing its correctness in a debuggable environment, and testing its behavior at large scales in a(More)
Distributed arithmetic (DA) is performed to design bit-level architectures for vector-vector multiplication with a direct application for the implementation of convolution, which is necessary for digital filters. In this work, two novel DA based implementation schemes are proposed for adaptive FIR filters. Different from conventional DA techniques, our(More)
BACKGROUND To compare the radiation-induced temporal lobe injury (TLI) in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) or two-dimensional conventional radiotherapy (2D-CRT). PATIENTS AND METHODS 1276 cases of NPC treated with IMRT or 2D-CRT were retrospectively reviewed. A diagnosis of TLI was made on(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To evaluate the prognostic value of gross primary tumor volume (GTV-P) in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) patients treated with intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). METHODS AND MATERIALS A total of 694 nonmetastatic and histologically proven NPC patients who underwent IMRT were retrospectively reviewed. Samples were split(More)
It is well known that salinization (high-pH) has been considered as a major environmental threat to agricultural systems. The aim of this study was to investigate the differences between salt stress and alkali stress in metabolic profiles and nutrient accumulation of wheat; these parameters were also evaluated to determine the physiological adaptive(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Though inflammatory response is beneficial to body damage repair, if it is out of control, it can produce adverse effects on the body. Although purely western anti-inflammatory drugs, orthodox medicines, can control inflammation occurrence and development, it is not enough. The clinical efficacy of anti-inflammation therapies(More)
Histone methylation occurs on both lysine and arginine residues, and its dynamic regulation plays a critical role in chromatin biology. Here we identify the UHRF1 PHD finger (PHD(UHRF1)), an important regulator of DNA CpG methylation, as a histone H3 unmodified arginine 2 (H3R2) recognition modality. This conclusion is based on binding studies and cocrystal(More)