Rui Freitas Dias

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A major concern during revision hip arthroplasty is acetabular bone loss and bleeding during the extraction of well-fixed cementless acetabular cup, because no interface exists between the host bone and the cup. Forceful removal of such component using curved gouges and osteotomes often leads to extended bone loss and compromises reimplantation of a new(More)
INTRODUCTION Lord total hip prosthesis was discontinued due to high revision rates of the smooth threaded acetabular component and negative effects of stress shielding in the proximal femur. PRESENTATION OF CASE We report the outcome of a Lord cementless femoral stem, in a 55-year-old woman. In 1984, the patient underwent a Lord total hip arthroplasty for(More)
Transformations of the chemical compositions of high molecular weight DOM along a salinity transect: Using two dimensional correlation spectroscopy and principal component analysis approaches. Austin, J. A. (2013) The potential for autonomous underwater gliders in large lake research. Katsev, S. and M. Dittrich (2013) Modeling of decadal-scale phosphorus(More)
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