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We probed for Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) for the three potential Galactic Emission Mapping Experiment (GEM) sites at Portugal using custom made om-nidirectional disconic antennas. For the installation of a 10-meter dish dedicated to the mapping of Polarized Galactic Emission foreground planned for 2005-2007 in the 5-10 GHz band, the three sites(More)
Due to the severity of patients treated in the intensive care units, these units are commonly equipped with a variety of equipment that is handled by a multidisciplinary team. In order to identify problems, present and future, clinicians perform periodic assessments that produce huge amount of data, which availability is of vital importance. This study was(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The goal of ossiculoplasty is to improve hearing. Successful ossiculoplasty depends on several factors. This retrospective study was carried out to analyze hearing results of ossiculoplasty in ears with chronic otitis media (COM) and evaluate clinical outcomes and factors predictive of hearing improvement. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We(More)
  • Stattersfield, A J Crosby, +18 authors Possingham
  • 2004
replicates were obtained for each of these randomly distributed networks. These were then overlaid with species distributional data to analyse the number of gap species in each case. See Supplementary Information for the confidence intervals for each of the models. The richness of each quarter-degree cell touching land (outside Antarctica) was calculated(More)
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