Rui-Feng Xue

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Monitoring blood flow rate inside prosthetic vascular grafts enables an early detection of the graft degradation, followed by the timely intervention and prevention of the graft failure. This paper presents an inductively powered implantable blood flow sensor microsystem with bidirectional telemetry. The microsystem integrates silicon nanowire (SiNW)(More)
To avoid or minimize postimplantation injury as a result of brain micromotion relative to the skull, a flexible multichannel polyimide (PI) cable was designed and microfabricated for data and power transmission between an intracranial IC recording from a neural probe array and an extracranial IC exchanging power and data wirelessly with an external unit.(More)
— High efficiency is vital for wireless powering link in biomedical implant application. This paper presents the analysis of the overall efficiency from the viewpoint of whole link and two important factors are elaborated. First, the choice of the optimal power carrier frequency should be tradeoff through the whole link, especially with consideration of(More)
Integral equation method is used to compute three-dimension-structure capacitance in this paper. Since some multi-conductor structures present regular periodic property , the periodic cell is adopted to reduce the solution domain with adding appropriate magnetic and electric walls. The periodic Green's function in the integral equation method is represented(More)
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