Rui Cunha Marques

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This paper updates the literature on water utility benchmarking studies carried out worldwide, focusing on scale and scope economies. Using meta-regression analysis, the study investigates which variables from published studies influence these economies. Our analysis led to several conclusions. The results indicate that there is a higher probability of(More)
Public private partnerships (PPP) are long lasting contracts, generally involving large sunk investments, and developed in contexts of great uncertainty. If uncertainty is taken as an assumption, rather as a threat, it could be used as an opportunity. This requires managerial flexibility. The paper addresses the concept of contract flexibility as well as(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to examine economies of scope using the recent order-α nonparametric method. It allows us to investigate economies of scope by comparing the efficient order-α frontiers of firms that produce two or more goods with the efficient order-α frontiers of firms that produce only one good. To accomplish this, and because the(More)
This paper considers the institutional and regulatory framework of local infrastructure services in Florida and examines how decision-makers perceive the governance structures of publicly-owned utilities in this state. It should be of interest to a broad audience, particularly to European practitioners that are unfamiliar with the rules and practices that(More)
Small Island Developing states (SIDs) present challenges for analysts and policy-makers attempting to strengthen island-nation infrastructure. This study applies lessons to one SID to illustrate how benchmarking can improve the performance of water utilities. The archipelago-nation of Cape Verde is characterized by severe water scarcity and relatively low(More)