Rui Costa

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This paper addresses aspects of design of WiMAX Wireless networks to establish a point-to-point, PTP, link with Alvarion BreezeNET B equipment, from the Health Sciences Faculty of University of Beira Interior to Hospital Sousa Martins (Guarda), and also presents a field trial with pre-WiMAX PTP equipment. The design of the link with relays had into(More)
Nanostructured three-dimensional constructs combining layer-by-layer technology (LbL) and template leaching were processed and evaluated as possible support structures for cartilage tissue engineering. Multilayered constructs were formed by depositing the polyelectrolytes chitosan (CHT) and chondroitin sulphate (CS) on either bidimensional glass surfaces or(More)
— Video delivery has become a major challenge for mobile networks. The increasing spread of smartphones, along with the expanding availability of LTE coverage, has contributed to an extensively growing mobile video demand, bringing large volumes of video traffic and far exceeding the capacity of mobile networks. As a result, wireless access congestion is(More)
Oceans are a vast source of natural substances. In them, we find various compounds with wide biotechnological and biomedical applicabilities. The exploitation of the sea as a renewable source of biocompounds can have a positive impact on the development of new systems and devices for biomedical applications. Marine polysaccharides are among the most(More)
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