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Access control models describe frameworks that dictate how subjects (e.g. users) access resources. In the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model access to resources is based on the role the user holds within the organization. RBAC is a rigid model where access control decisions have only two output options: Grant or Deny. Break The Glass (BTG) policies on(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a software to plan and evaluate school meals according to the main national and international standards for foods and nutrition. DESIGN Development of software. SETTING Public schools, Portugal. SUBJECTS School meals for students. RESULTS The System of Planning and Evaluation of School Meals (SPARE) is a software that allows the(More)
Geographical information is of strategic importance, when comes to land use management decision-making and GIS are essential resources for the production of land use management instruments, commonly known as plans. To build them, local authorities require multi-disciplinary teams with different competences and responsibilities. Many of these teams are(More)
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