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We present a novel global stereo model designed for view interpolation. Unlike existing stereo models which only output a disparity map, our model is able to output a 3D triangular mesh, which can be directly used for view interpolation. To this aim, we partition the input stereo images into 2D triangles with shared vertices. Lifting the 2D triangulation to(More)
Structured data, in the form of entities and associated attributes, has been a rich web resource for search engines and knowledge databases. To efficiently extract structured data from enormous websites in various verticals (e.g., books, restaurants), much research effort has been attracted, but most existing approaches either require considerable human(More)
We study in this paper the Web forum crawling problem, which is a very fundamental step in many Web applications, such as search engine and Web data mining. As a typical user-created content (UCC), Web forum has become an important resource on the Web due to its rich information contributed by millions of Internet users every day. However, Web forum(More)
Duplicate URLs have brought serious troubles to the whole pipeline of a search engine, from crawling, indexing, to result serving. URL normalization is to transform duplicate URLs to a canonical form using a set of rewrite rules. Nowadays URL normalization has attracted significant attention as it is lightweight and can be flexibly integrated into both the(More)
Aquaporin (AQP) proteins have been shown to transport water and other small molecules through biological membranes, which is crucial for plants to combat salt stress. However, the precise role of AQP genes in salt stress response is not completely understood in plants. In this study, a PIP1 subgroup AQP gene, designated TaAQP8, was cloned and characterized(More)
Web forums have become an important data resource for many web applications, but extracting structured data from unstructured web forum pages is still a challenging task due to both complex page layout designs and unrestricted user created posts. In this paper, we study the problem of structured data extraction from various web forum sites. Our target is to(More)
Abscisic acid (ABA)-, stress-, and ripening-induced (ASR) proteins are reported to be involved in abiotic stresses. However, it is not known whether ASR genes confer drought stress tolerance by utilizing the antioxidant system. In this study, a wheat ASR gene, TaASR1, was cloned and characterized. TaASR1 transcripts increased after treatments with PEG6000,(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of visual object retrieval by introducing a dictionary of contextual synonyms to narrow down the semantic gap in visual word quantization. The basic idea is to expand a visual word in the query image with its synonyms to boost the retrieval recall. Unlike the existing work such as soft-quantization, which only focuses on(More)
Key audio effects are those special effects that play critical roles in human's perception of an auditory context in audiovisual materials. Based on key audio effects, high-level semantic inference can be carried out to facilitate various content-based analysis applications, such as highlight extraction and video summarization. In this paper, a flexible(More)