Rui C. Gonçalves

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This paper presents the concept of pluggable parallelisation that allows scientists to develop sequential like codes that can take advantage of multi-core, cluster and grid systems. In this approach parallel applications are developed by plugging parallelisation patterns/idioms into scientific codes (e.g., sequential like codes), softening the move from(More)
We show how transformations organize and explain the designs of legacy pipe-and-filter-architectures. We start with an elementary architecture and progressively transform it to a detailed executable architecture. In this paper, we (a) present an MDE-based foundation of how domain-specific design knowledge can be organized by transformations, (b) illustrate(More)
A classical approach to program derivation is to progressively extend a simple specification and then incrementally refine it to an implementation. We claim this approach is hard or impractical when reverse engineering legacy software architectures. We present a case study that shows <i>optimizations</i> and <i>pushouts</i>---in addition to refinements and(More)
Mechanizing the development of hard-to-write and costly-to-maintain software is the core problem of automated software design. Encoding expert knowledge (a.k.a. dark knowledge) about a software domain is central to its solution. We assert that a solution can be cast in terms of the ideas of language design and engineering. Graph grammars can be a foundation(More)
ReFlO is a framework and interactive tool to record and systematize domain knowledge used by experts to derive complex pipe-and-filter (PnF) applications. Domain knowledge is encoded as transformations that alter PnF graphs by refinement (adding more details), flattening (removing modular boundaries), and optimization (substituting inefficient PnF graphs(More)
Dataflow programs are widely used. Each program is a directed graph where nodes are computations and edges indicate the flow of data. In prior work, we reverse-engineered legacy dataflow programs by deriving their optimized implementations from a simple specification graph using graph transformations called refinements and optimizations. In MDE speak, our(More)
A 34-year-old woman with no known medical history was evaluated for multiple painful brown nodules and papules on the anterior aspect of the trunk. She mentioned a history of similar cutaneous findings on her mother. Biopsies of three lesions revealed piloleiomyomata. Renal and adrenal ultrasound revealed an isolated simple cortical cyst, and pelvic and(More)
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