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Apple ring rot disease, caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea (Moug. ex. Fr) Ces. et de Not., is one of the most important diseases on apple fruits. In this study, strain 9001 isolated from healthy apple fruits from an infested orchard was evaluated for its biocontrol activity against apple ring rot in vitro and in vivo. Strain 9001 showed obvious antagonistic(More)
Rhizosphere inhabitants interact intricately with plant host. Bacillus cereus 905 isolated from wheat rhizosphere colonized wheat rhizosphere with large population size. In this work, the role of superoxide dismutases (SODs) of B. cereus 905 in surviving in wheat rhizosphere was analyzed. Two genes, sodA-1 and sodA-2 encoding two distinct manganese SODs(More)
Adonis palaestina Boiss. is one of the top three natural sources of red pigment astaxanthin, which has been used as a valuable antioxidant nutraceutical and a feed additive for salmonid fish raising. Since 2004, a blight disease causing significant damage to plants of A. palaestina in Inner Mongolia, China has occurred. The disease caused small, brown(More)
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