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Ring signatures, first introduced by Rivest, Shamir, and Tau-man, enable a user to sign a message so that a ring of possible signers (of which the user is a member) is identified, without revealing exactly which member of that ring actually generated the signature. In contrast to group signatures, ring signatures are completely " ad-hoc " and do not require(More)
Determining the minimal assumptions needed to construct various cryptographic building blocks has been a focal point of research in theoretical cryptography. Here, we revisit the following question: what are the minimal assumptions needed to construct statistically-hiding commitment schemes? Previously, it was known how to construct such schemes based on(More)
We present LMS, a protocol for efficient lookup on unstructured networks. Our protocol uses a virtual namespace <i>without imposing specific topologies</i>. It is more efficient than existing lookup protocols for unstructured networks, and thus is an attractive alternative for applications in which the topology cannot be structured as a Distributed Hash(More)
The number and heterogeneity of requests to Web sites are increasing also because the Web technology is becoming the preferred interface for information systems. Many systems hosting current Web sites are complex architectures composed by multiple server layers with strong scalability and reliability issues. In this paper we compare the performance of(More)
— We describe a method for performing trust-preserving set operations by untrusted parties. Our motivation for this is the problem of securely reusing content-based search results in peer-to-peer networks. We model search results and indexes as data sets. Such sets have value for answering a new query only if they are trusted. In the absence of any(More)
Peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets and serum immunoglobulin levels were assessed in 42 patients and 37 healthy controls. 24 patients were free from neuroleptic medication and 15 had never been treated with neuroleptics. 31 patients had a diagnosis of schizophrenia (DSM-III criteria) and 11 a diagnosis of a disorder of the schizophrenic spectrum. As(More)
P2P deployments are a natural infrastructure for building distributed search networks. Proposed systems support locating and retrieving all results, but lack the information necessary to rank them. Users, however, are primarily interested in the most relevant results, not necessarily all possible results. Using random sampling, we extend a class of(More)
After a brief reminder of the dual therapeutic aspect (biological and psychological) of spa treatment, the results are presented of a series of psychological reaction tests (McFarland's Psychosomatic Inventory, the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire, the Rorschach test) given to a randomized sample of 106 patients together with semistructured interviews(More)
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