Ruggero Bellio

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Certain blood parameters and clinical symptoms have been connected with milk fever and a hypocalcemic condition in the cow. The present study intended to establish a mutual connection between relevant blood parameters and potentially valuable background information about the cow and its observed clinical symptoms at calving. Two veterinarians were summoned(More)
Stratified data arise in several settings, such as longitudinal studies or multicenter clinical trials. Between-strata heterogeneity is usually addressed by random effects models, but an alternative approach is given by fixed effects models, which treat the incidental nuisance parameters as fixed unknown quantities. This approach presents several(More)
Dose-response models are intensively used in herbicide bioassays. Despite recent advancements in the development of new herbicides, statistical analyses are commonly based on asymptotic approximations that are sometimes poor. This paper presents the use of recent results in higher order asymptotics for likelihood-based inference in nonlinear regression. The(More)
The behaviour of pulmonary O2 uptake following a moderate-intensity step exercise increment is usually described by a first brief increase, followed by a second exponential time course reaching the new steady state (phase II). The parameters describing the phase II kinetics are investigated by applying different data treatments to the acquired O2 uptake(More)
Kinetics of reduction of iron(IV) in ferrylmyoglobin by chlorogenate in neutral or moderately acidic aqueous solutions (0.16 M NaCl) to yield metmyoglobin was studied using stopped flow absorption spectroscopy. The reaction occurs by direct bimolecular electron transfer with (2.7 +/- 0.3) x 10(3) M(-)(1).s(-)(1) at 25.0 degrees C (DeltaH( )(#) = 59 +/- 6(More)
We consider the university course timetabling problem, which is one of the most studied problems in educational timetabling. In particular, we focus our attention on the formulation known as curriculumbased course timetabling problem (CB-CTT), which has been tackled by many researchers and has many available benchmarks. The contributions of this paper are(More)