Rugayah Hashim

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The objective of this study was to assess the antecedents of ICT attitudes of distance education (e-PJJ) students at the Institute of Education Development (InED), UiTM. The antecedents studied were computer anxiety, confidence, liking and, usefulness. The findings are important to strengthen InED's policy for using ICT and other technologies to impart(More)
The purpose of this research was to assess the level of computer literacy among the Semai tribe in Kampung Bukit Terang, Kampar, Perak, Malaysia. Forty questionnaires were distributed to the respondents who were conveniently available at the time of the visit. With the help of forty university students, 39 (97.5%) completed sets were returned. The(More)
Autism spectrum disorder is a life-long development disorder distinguish by impairment related to central nervous system maturation with features include delay in social life development, problem in language, social skills and repetitive behavior. Autism is a global crisis due to prevalence rates higher in several countries and the need for treatment view(More)
This paper provides insights on the ethics involved in using humanoids for social skill augmentation of brain impaired children. For a developing nation like Malaysia, where tradition and religious values are of significant importance to the melting pot populace, an ethics draft or framework should be in place as humanoid assistive technology for(More)
Autism is a behavioural illness categorized based on poor communication skills, lack of social interaction and weird way of playing. As a caregiver and a worker at the same time, 78 per cent of employees sometimes had to take short time off or leave early from work, come to work late, and being absence for a long period of time. Since children with autism(More)
Autism is a permanent disorder that cause quality of life disturbance. As matter of research, there are no single interventions that can cure the heterogeneous syndrome. Since there is no cure for autism children, perhaps using humanoid can help the autism children in order to have appropriate therapy and treatment programs especially to the young children(More)
This paper depicts the prominence of cultural on the adoption of assistive technology, in terms of design, which are particularly anticipated for autism treatment. The researchers believe that cultural aspect should be considered in designing assistive technology in treating autistic individual. It is necessary to assess cultural differences critically so(More)
Langkawi is a resort island in the northwestern part of Malaysia where the island's economy is reliant on agro-based activities and tourism for sustainable development. With the Digital Era, it is important that the indigenous islanders adjust their income generating ways by using information and communication technology (ICT) for better capacity building.(More)
Attempts to test the impact of different boardroom characteristics relative to Triple-Bottom Line (TBL) performance in Malaysia has been limited. This study will offer such insights using a relatively new dataset from the Asian Sustainability Rating Index 2009. Using correlation tools, the study found no relationship between board characteristics and TBL(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the educational divide and computer literacy among primary school students located in a rural school as well as an urban one Specifically the places are in Sabak Bernam and Shah Alam, Selangor. Demographic profiles play an important part in determining the education divide between the schools such as family(More)