Rufen Huang

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It is easy for adversaries to mount node replication attacks due to the unattended nature of wireless sensor networks. In several replica node detection schemes, witness nodes fail to work before replicas are detected due to the lack of effective random verification. This paper presents a novel distributed detection protocol to counteract node replication(More)
The verifiable encrypted signature is one of the basic fair exchange protocols. There are important applications, such as e-commerce and other cryptographic protocols. We incorporate the verifiable encrypted signature into the certificate based signature to propose an efficient certificate-based verifiable encrypted signature scheme in the paper, which does(More)
The certificate-based signature is an attractive cryptography primitive whose original motivation is to simplify certificate's management and to eliminate key escrow problem. The proxy signature is another cryptography paradigm which permits an entity to delegate his signing rights to another. In this paper, we first note that certificate-based signatures(More)
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