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This paper follows the recent discussion on the sparse solution recovery with quasi-norms q, q ∈ (0, 1) when the sensing matrix possesses a Restricted Isometry Constant δ 2k (RIC). Our key tool is an improvement on a version of " the converse of a generalized Cauchy-Schwarz inequality " extended to the setting of quasi-norm. We show that, if δ 2k ≤ 1/2, any(More)
The trust region subproblem with a fixed number m additional linear inequality constraints, denoted by (Tm), have drawn much attention recently. The question as to whether Problem (Tm) is in Class P or Class NP remains open. So far, the only affirmative general result is that (T 1) has an exact SOCP/SDP reformulation and thus is polynomially solvable. By(More)