Ruey-Der Lou

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Given a point set p, a chain is a subset C C p of points in which for any two points one is dominated by the other. A two-chain is a subset of p that can be partitioned into two chains. A two-chain with maximum cardinality among all possible two-chains is called a maximum two-chain. In this paper we present a O(nlog n) time and O(n) space algorithm for(More)
Consider a weighted transitive graph, where each vertex is assigned a positive weight. Given a positive integerk, the maximumk-covering problem is to findk disjoint cliques covering a set of vertices with maximum total weight. An 0(kn 2)-time algorithm to solve the problem in a transitive graph is proposed, wheren is the number of vertices. Based on the(More)
In thegeneral circular permutation layout problem there are two concentric circles,C in andC out. There are a set ofn inner terminals onC in and a set ofn outer terminals onC out: terminalsi onC in and π i onC out are to be connected by means of a wire, where 1 ≤i ≤n. All wires must be realized in the interior ofC out. Each wire can intersectC in at most(More)
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