Ruey-Ching Twu

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In this paper we have successfully demonstrated a z-propagating Zn-indiffused lithium niobate electro-optic modulator used for optical heterodyne interferometry. Compared to a commercial buck-type electro-optic modulator, the proposed waveguide-type modulator has a lower driving voltage and smaller phase variation while measuring visible wavelengths of 532(More)
We have fabricated and tested, to the best of our knowledge, the first fluidic birefringent sensor (FBS) for the concentration measurements of chemical solutions in a homodyne interferometer. The performance of KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate)-based FBS has been experimentally evaluated for successful concentration measurements in salt and hydrochloric(More)
In this paper, an optical angle sensor with a birefringent transducer for measuring angular displacement based on a heterodyne interferometry is proposed. The achievable repeatability and linearity provide sufficient evidence for the practical use. As a result, a resolution of 5.8 ˆ 10´6 with a dynamic range of 5 ˝ has been achieved by utilizing a KTP(More)
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