Ruei Yu Wang

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The design and construction of an automated on-line analysis system is described with reference to applications in bioprocess control, clinical, and environmental analysis. The new system is built around three main elements: ultrasound filtration, a micro flow injection analysis (FIA) system, and direct readout spectrophotometry. The advantages of three(More)
A novel light-scattering instrument has been developed for rapid detection of immunoreactions in test latex particle-enhanced immunoassays. The detector consists of a flat-field grating and a charge-coupled device mounted on a rotating platform, and the detector measures a continuous spectrum from 350 nm to 735 nm at 440 polar angles with a resolution of(More)
Special protection system (SPS) can ensure power grids to operate in a satisfactory state following a contingency or major disturbances. By installing phasor measurement units (PMUs), the stability indices can be computed and applied to the decision system of a response-based SPS for recognizing the pattern of system instability. In this paper, the integral(More)
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