Ruei-Siang Hsu

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3-D many-core processor (3-D MCP) has become an emerging technology to tackle the power wall problem due to rapidly increasing number of transistors. However, when maximizing the throughput of 3-D MCP, which is expressed as a weighted sum of the speeds, due to the inherent heat removal limitation, thermal issues must be taken into consideration. Since the(More)
A stacked-die product integrates multiple dies on interposers. In this paper, we first discuss the difficulties of traditional testing mechanism for interposers. To improve production yield, a contactless testing mechanism for pre-bond interposers is proposed. Our testing mechanism attempts to detect a defective interposer from the thermal image after(More)
Since packages affect the amount of heat transfer, it is important to include package and heat sink in thermal analysis. In this paper, we study the full-chip thermal response with different packages. We first discuss the difficulties of obtaining accurate package models for simulation. To facilitate a designer to perform thermal simulation with different(More)
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