Rudzidatul Akmam Dziyauddin

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(SM)) connections. The achievable maximum goodput is shown to be between 94.5% and 97.0% of the theoretical data rates. The analysis is then expanded to multiple Subscriber Stations (SSs) and different packet sizes for a specific transmission mode, and also to multiple connections considering an additional real-time polling service (rtPS). The maximum(More)
—In cases when system load approaches capacity (>90% of capacity), scarce radio resources are wasted when a scheduler serves video packets that exceed a required latency, as the decoder will ultimately discard any such packets. In this paper, we introduce a combination of a packet-dropping policy with a modified Greedy-based scheduler to guarantee meeting(More)
On behalf of the Committee, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 1st International Conference on Telematics and Future Generation Networks, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26 – 28 May 2015. The conference includes six technical sessions: IoT and Cognitive Radio, Future Generation Networks, Fundamental and Physical Layer, Future Antenna Design,(More)
Inter-Cell Interference (ICI) is a challenging problem for the next generation wireless systems which limits the system performance, especially for users located at the edge of a cell. In this paper, in order to achieve good user fairness, each user is given a guaranteed minimum number of resource blocks while the cell edge users were given a higher(More)
This paper presents a numerical study to quantify the benefits of using Radio Environment Maps (REM) within resource management techniques. To date, there are no REM studies established to benchmark the impact of REM models and their accuracy for inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) within multi-channel systems, such as based on OFDMA (Orthogonal(More)
Recently, an acoustic method is used in a water industry to detect and localise the leak in the water pipeline. However, the acoustic leak detection is only feasible for the metal pipes and has several limitations when applied to soft materials like plastic pipes. The objective of this paper is to investigate the accuracy of leakage detection for an(More)
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