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Within the framework of the IST project Moby Dick an IPv6-based, mobility-enabled and security aware architecture, including Quality of Service mechanism, is defined and implemented. This paper, based on results originated in the mobility evaluation of the project, analyses in detail the effects of Fast Handovers on the performance of TCP connections and(More)
1 Acknowledgements Foremost I would like to express my gratitude to my mentor Hans Zan-tema for the opportunity to do my master thesis under his guidance. His feedback, suggestions and support during my " afstuderen " are greatly appreciated. Thanks I would further like to thank Adam Koprowski, Jeroen van de Wulp and Joerg Endrullis for their support. Their(More)
In the context of Mobile IP, authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) is a challenging problem. Current Mobile IP deployments typically do not span trust boundaries, because there has not been any clear agreement about how network administrators from unrelated enterprises could agree upon to assure mutual security, and compensate each other for(More)
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