Rudy Rotili

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This paper deals with speech enhancement in noisy reverberated environments where multiple speakers are active. The authors propose an advanced real-time speech processing front-end aimed at automatically reducing the distortions introduced by room reverberation in distant speech signals, also considering the presence of background noise, and thus to(More)
This paper proposes a real-time person activity detection framework operating in presence of multiple sources in reverberated environments. Such a framework is composed by two main parts: The speech enhancement front-end and the activity detector. The aim of the former is to automatically reduce the distortions introduced by room reverberation in the(More)
Developing performing speech reinforcement systems to improve the intra-cabin communication quality among car passengers in different row seats, typically degraded by the distance between speakers (for instance in SUV and mini-van) and the noise presence within the cockpit, has represented a challenging issue within the related scientific community. One of(More)