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This article builds upon earlier research (McDaniel & Fiore, 2010) in which the authors presented case studies focused on the design and development of two original ethical learning video games. Through this case study and a review of relevant literature, the authors explored the content creation of, and theoretical rationale for, the design and development(More)
Digital badging is becoming more popular in an assortment of disciplines, both academic and professional. Along with the success of practical badging initiatives, badging research is also moving at a rapid pace, a rate of change that may be intimidating to the uninitiated wishing to study them. However, there is a great need for additional research in light(More)
This paper investigates the role of digital badging in technical and professional communication for supporting deliberate practice, or practice that is done with intent to improve a skill or ability. The focus is on deliberate practice as it relates to information design and writing within interactive environments. Deliberate practice is deconstructed into(More)