Rudy Libertini

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Traumatic rupture of the trachea or the bronchi is reported with increasing frequency. Such rupture may follow penetrating wounds, but the common cause is blunt trauma of the throat or thorax. When the proximal trachea is damaged other cervical structures are usually involved. By contrast the distal trachea or bronchi are not infrequently the only thoracic(More)
Smartphone reconnaissance, the first step to launch security attacks to a target smartphone, enables an adversary to tailor attacks by exploiting known vulnerabilities of the target system. We investigate OS identification against smartphones that use encrypted traffic. A traffic content agnostic identification algorithm is proposed that is based on the(More)
We report the clinical, hematological and immunophenotypic characteristics from four cases of acute leukemia with interstitial deletion of chromosome 9, ie del(9)(q12-q22), as a single chromosomal abnormality. Three patients had acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML) and one T origin acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). According to FAB classification, blasts(More)
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