Rudy Braquehais

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The growth of wireless network use has greatly increased research demand. Some applications, which are context-aware, must adapt to the environment. So, information on both environment characteristics and the device's hardware are crucial. In this work, a new method called Natural Adaptive Exponential Smoothing (NAES) is proposed. It describes and(More)
The advent of wireless networks has increased the demand for research greatly. Context-aware applications must adapt to the environment in which they are inserted, and, for this, information on both device's hardware and the characteristics of the environment is crucial. In this work, we propose a method - called natural adaptive exponential smoothing(More)
This paper presents Speculate, a tool that automatically conjectures laws involving conditional equations and inequalities about Haskell functions. Speculate enumerates expressions involving a given collection of Haskell functions, testing to separate those expressions into apparent equivalence classes. Expressions in the same equivalence class are used to(More)
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