Rudy Adipranata

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Face segmentation has been used in many different applications, such as face tracking, video surveillance in security control system and human computer interface. In this paper we propose a two-stage face segmentation system that consists of face position detection and facial feature extraction. From the experimental results, the system produced a facial(More)
Javanese characters are traditional characters that are used to write the Javanese language. The Javanese language is a language used by many people on the island of Java, Indonesia. The use of Javanese characters is diminishing more and more because of the difficulty of studying the Javanese characters themselves. The Javanese character set consists of(More)
In this paper, we propose 3D face reconstruction from two or three images. The reconstruction process begins with a face localization and facial feature extraction. Global transformation process is done for facial features which have been obtained. Local feature refinement is used to refine the result of global transformation. Last, texture mapping process(More)
  • Gregorius S Budhi, Rudy Adipranata, Bambangsetiahadi, Adrian H N, Abstrak Salah
  • 2014
One of the task of the LAPAN is making obsevation and forecasting of solar storms disturbance. This disturbances can affect the earth's electromagnetic field that disrupt the electronic and navigational equipment on earth. It would be dangerous to human life if not properly anticipated. LAPAN wanted a computer application that can automatically classify the(More)
The sun is the unlimited energy source for life on the earth. However, besides as the energy source, the sun also gives disruptions to the universe around the earth and also to the life on the earth. Sources of the disruptions from the sun are flares and Coronal Mass Ejection/CME. Both of those disruptions in general come from group of sunspots. With the(More)
Facial caricature is a portrait of a person's face where the unique parts of the face is exaggerated. Nowadays, there are many website that provide caricature generation services. However, the resulting caricature was done by caricaturist. Based on that, a website that able to generate caricature from human face photograph is made in this research. The(More)
3 Extended Abstract Location detection and segmentation of human face is an important process for face identification. Also there are a lot of other applications requiring face segmentation, for example face tracking, video surveillance and security control system, human computer interface, etc. Those applications require human face which has been segmented(More)
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