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This study investigated the properties of the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) in a sample of 326 undergraduate students. Scores on the BAI were compared with data from the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and the Beck Depression Inventory. The BAI demonstrated good psychometric properties, with a high level of internal consistency. Relatively low test-retest(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were to investigate the stability of depressive symptoms over time, explore possible reasons for the genesis of depressive symptoms, examine psychosocial adjustment over time and examine the effects of the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in a group of HIV infected patients. METHOD HIV(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated whether a community psychiatric nurse (CPN) team providing a comprehensive aftercare service, using a case management approach, improves psychopathology and social functioning of the long-term mentally ill, and reduces hospital use compared with a generic CPN team. METHOD Patients suffering from severe and persistent mental(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the proportion of older adults with Alzheimer's disease presenting to a geriatric clinic with low body mass index (BMI), the proportion of these individuals recognized by clinicians as malnourished, and what patients' characteristics and caregivers' and clinicians' impressions are associated with low BMI. DESIGN Cross-sectional(More)
The present study examined whether Greek immigrants in Australia have retained traditional Greek values and behaviours or moved to an integration of these with Anglo-Australian values and behaviours. The sample consisted of Anglo- and Greek-Australian parents and young adolescents and a comparison group of Greeks, resident in Greece. Measures were obtained(More)
Intrasubtest scatter (ISS) is a measure of person's tendency toward inconsistency when responding to test items. It has been claimed that ISS may be suggestive of intellectual inefficiency, difficulty with recall of specific information, or fluctuating levels of arousal/attention. The research investigating these claims has been inconclusive, possibly(More)
The past several years have brought about some changes in the legal status of the homosexual in USA. In some states, the homosexual is labelled as a criminal; in others, homosexuality is not a legal affair. Psychological theories tend to consider the homosexual from two general positions: the Oedipal and the non-Oedipal. The present study was conducted to(More)
The dynamic nature of ethnic identity was explored by exposing Greek-Australian adolescents to one of three experimental conditions: positive (highlighting the advantages of their ethnic group membership), negative (the disadvantages), or a neutral control condition. Sensitizing respondents to their ethnic group membership resulted in an increase in the(More)