Rudolph A. Krutar

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Implementing a compiler, as everybody knows, is not an easy task. There have appeared in the past few years a number of compiler writing systems. One of these is Feldman's "Formal Semantic Language" (FSL). In Feldman's thesis the assertion is made that FSL is potentially a powerful compiler writing system. The Formula Algol compiler is a large, nontrivial(More)
Wulf and Shaw proclaim : " Block-structured scope rules do no t permit a programmer to restrict the use of a variable to a subset o f the code at the block level where the variable is declared ." [1 ] This claim is refuted by a general mechanism for implementing virtua l machines similar to those of Dijkstra [2], but in pure Algol 60. Example : Wulf and(More)
An engineer needs tools for his trade and a laboratory or toolshop in which to store them, sharpen them, and use them. A software engineer needs programming tools and a software laboratory. Input/output routines, lexical analyzers, lexicons, storage allocators, temporary files (stacks queues, sorting files), debugging aids, etc., all are useful tools in any(More)
We describe a parallel finite difference algorithm in the form of a cellular automaton for solving the full form of the wave equation. Since we do not use the far field approximation, this algorithm is particularly effective for solving near- and intermediate field problems. Problems are solved in the time domain and real time animated displays show the(More)
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