Rudolf Weeber

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Magnetic fields exhibit higher-order, nonlinear singularities in the form of point-dipole singularities. In addition, due to absence of divergence, they feature only a subset of invariant structures from traditional vector field topol-ogy. For magnetic fields of sets of point dipoles—widely present in physics and often used as an approximation—we present a(More)
A greater appreciation of biotic responses to environmental changes is warranted in small, shallow lakes because of the high number of these habitats, and their unique contributions to regional biodiversity. Furthermore, recent water chemistry monitoring data show that shallow lakes in Ontario are sensitive and have responded significantly to environmental(More)
6.1 Introduction Critical loads have been widely accepted in Europe as a basis for the development of air pollution control strategies, as evidenced by the Second Sulphur Protocol and the Gothenburg Protocol (see Gregor et al., 2001). The concept owes its origin to the 'target loading' concept proposed by Canadian scientists, in relation to deposition of(More)
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