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Combination of three complementary imaging technologies-ultrasound imaging, elastography, and optoacoustic imaging-is suggested for detection and diagnostics of tissue pathology including cancer. The fusion of these ultrasound-based techniques results in a novel imaging system capable of simultaneous imaging of the anatomy (ultrasound imaging),(More)
The relation between EEG patterns and performance, which was found experimentally, gives evidence for a state dependent information processing. The power distribution of the EEG one second before the stimulus onset determines the state measured by the used data acquisition system. To solve the on-line identification of the state four different approaches(More)
To analyse the influence of structural complexity of visual patterns and of an operationally defined cognitive state on evoked potentials some on--line closed--loop experiments were carried out. Symmetrical checkerboard patterns generated by means of Walsh functions were used as stimuli. The inherent symmetry should be recognized by the subjects. The state(More)
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