Rudolf Schmidt

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A system for the automatic segmentation of German words into morphs was developed. The main linguistic knowledge sources used by the system are a word syntax and a morph dictionary. The syntax is written in the formalism of right linear regular grammars and comprises approximately 1,400 rules describing the set of those sequences of morph classes which(More)
Long term reliability is a key requirement for IGBT modules. Besides wire bond degradation solder degradation is a main mechanism leading to IGBT module failures. A numerical model was developed to describe the solder degradation process. The model includes elastic and (time independent) plastic deformation, as well as primary and secondary creep. To verify(More)
The thermal design of a converter requires a correct estimation of the temperature of each and every component that is part of it to guarantee the lifetime of the system. In this paper, the focus is put on the printed circuit board (PCB). The literature presents different approaches for the prediction of the temperature distribution on the PCB, which(More)
Adhesion of adherent cells on structured surfaces is influenced by the surface pattern given. Here, we designed a structured gold relief surface based on cell adhesion patterns we had previously observed. We analysed the geometric parameters and the overall distribution of focal adhesion kinase in focal adhesions on unstructured glass surfaces using optical(More)
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