Rudolf S. Schittenhelm

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In state space control, system states are usually estimated using observers. In active rotor systems, observer design often faces two major problems: unbalances acting on the shaft are never known to full extent and in case of a rotor with large discs, gyroscopic effect results in system variation dependent on rotor rotary frequency. Two observer types(More)
Observers are widely used to generate residuals for fault diagnosis processes. However the generated residuals are not only influenced by faults but also by disturbances and model uncertainties. In order to avoid false alarm and achieve a high fault detection rate disturbances and model uncertainties have to be considered in the fault detection and(More)
Unbalance induced vibrations in an aircraft engine shaft are reduced with an active damping system based on piezoelectric stack actuators at the bearing locations. Investigations with a test rig aim at the replacement of squeeze film dampers in aircraft engines with a long-term perspective. In this article controller design using the integral force feedback(More)
Active vibration control for flexible high-speed rotors tends to be a particularly challenging problem due to the influence of gyroscopic terms, resulting in the need for speeddependent system models. This paper addresses robust control of such systems, using Linear Fractional Transformations (LFTs) for decoupling the system model into speed-dependent and(More)
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