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Testing is a major cost factor in software development. Test automation has been proposed as one solution to reduce these costs. Test automation tools promise to increase the number of tests they run and the frequency at which they run them. So why not automate every test? In this paper we discuss the question "When should a test be automated?" and the(More)
Software defect prediction has drawn the attention of many researchers in empirical software engineering and software maintenance due to its importance in providing quality estimates and to identify the needs for improvement from project management perspective. However , most defect prediction studies seem valid primarily in a particular context and little(More)
Software repositories and corporate databases capture different fragments of a project's history. Software cockpits integrate the data from these repositories and databases to provide a holistic view of the project and the capability to drill-down and analyze details. By incorporating existing data, the cockpit can be used effectively from the first day it(More)
— Software cockpits (software project control centers) provide systematic support for monitoring and controlling the activities in a software development project. Important aspects are to track progress, to visualize team performance, and to provide feedback about the quality of delivered results. Therefore , software cockpits integrate and visualize data(More)