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Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery of the colon and rectum
IntroductionLaparoscopic techniques have induced a tremendous revolution in the field of general surgery. Recent multicenter trials have demonstrated similar patient-oriented and oncologic outcomesExpand
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A comprehensive review of telementoring applications in laparoscopic general surgery
BackgroundIncorporation of advanced laparoscopic procedures in the practice of institutions without respective experience is a significant impediment in the dissemination of minimally invasiveExpand
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DG DemoNet validation: Voltage control from simulation to field test
This paper describes the (re-)design of the existing prototype algorithm, offline and online simulation environments and testing of the implementation to prepare the central voltage control unit for the field test. Expand
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DG DemoNet: Experiences from volt/var control field trials and control algorithm advancements
The field trials in the two MV grids - `Großes Walsertal' and Lungau' give new insights to the voltage control algorithms developed prior over the last couple of years. Expand
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"Augen im Netz": Neue Wege der Analyse elektrischer Niederspannungsnetze
New approaches of network analysis (power snap shot analysis & voltage guard) for Niederspannungsnetze for LV grids. Expand
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Regarding “Laparoscopic Repair of Large Hiatal Hernia Without Prosthetic Reinforcement: Late Results and Relevance of Anterior Gastropexy”
Dear Editor, We read with great interest the article by Poncet et al., reporting their results of laparoscopic repair of large hiatal hernias without mesh reinforcement. In a prospective series of 89Expand
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