Rudolf Pichler

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ARChip Epoxy and ARChip UV are presented as novel chip platforms for oligonucleotide immobilization. ARChip Epoxy is made of reactive epoxy resin available commercially. ARChip UV consists of photoactivatable poly(styrene-co-4-vinylbenzylthiocyanate). Both ARChip surfaces are tested in a model assay based on oligonucleotide probes from a real-life(More)
Pathogen identification in clinical routine is based on the cultivation of microbes with subsequent morphological and physiological characterisation lasting at least 24 hours. However, early and accurate identification is a crucial requisite for fast and optimally targeted antimicrobial treatment. Molecular biology based techniques allow fast(More)
The simplicity and potential of minimal invasive testing using serum from patients make auto-antibody based biomarkers a very promising tool for use in diagnostics of cancer and auto-immune disease. Although several methods exist for elucidating candidate-protein markers, immobilizing these onto membranes and generating so called macroarrays is of limited(More)
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