Rudolf Mathar

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This paper presents a design-space exploration of an applicationspecific instruction-set processor (ASIP) for the computation of various cryptographic pairings over Barreto-Naehrig curves (BN curves). Cryptographic pairings are based on elliptic curves over finite fields—in the case of BN curves a field Fp of large prime order p. Efficient arithmetic in(More)
2 Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm Tolerable For Double Talk 3 Images blur reduction for cell-phone cameras via adaptive tonal correction 4 An Improved Visual Cryptography Scheme for Secret Hiding 5 Development of Medical Image Compression Techniques 6 A DWT based Approach for Steganography Using Biometrics 7 Adaptive Noise Canceling (Anc) Applied To(More)
We present a one-dimensional model to analyze routing strategy N F P (Nearest with Forward Progress) for a multihop packet radio network. It is assumed that each station has adjustable transmission range to address target nodes, distributed on a line according to a nonhomogeneous Poisson process. N F P transmits to the nearest neighbor in the desired(More)