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— Fast radio wave propagation prediction is of tremendous interest for planning and optimization of cellular radio networks. We propose a cube oriented 3D ray launching algorithm for both fast and accurate field strength prediction, particularly suitable for urban scenarios. Our model allows field strength prediction for a 5 km 2 area with 5 meter(More)
—Macro-diversity — all base stations decode cooperatively each received signal — can mitigate shadow fading, and increase the capacity of a spread-spectrum communication network. Assuming that a terminal's transmission power contributes to its own interference, the literature determines whether a vector of quality-of-service targets is feasible through a(More)
Multidimensional scaling (MDS) is a collection of data analytic techniques for constructing conngura-tions of points from dissimilarity information about interpoint distances. A popular measure of the t of the constructed distances to the observed dissimilar-ities is the stress criterion, which must be minimized by numerical optimization. Empirical evidence(More)
The performance of multicarrier systems can be enhanced by the water filling strategy, in which different rates and powers are allocated to subcarriers. However, the induced large signalling overhead leads to less transmission efficiency. To suppress this effect this article proposes an alternative strategy by dynamically assigning the same rate to each(More)